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The Coronavirus has impacted a lot of pockets negatively and buying clothes or homeware to most of us has become a luxury.

Introducing the Ons Winkel store (translated as Our Shop in Afrikaans).

This is a unique charity shop based in the Heidelberg.

Ons Winkel collects clothing, furniture, antiques, kitchenware, bedding, curtains, toys, shoes and anything else cluttering your home. 

Ons Winkel is a social franchise across the country that sell the donated items to raise money for charity.

Local owner, Hante Du Tiot runs the shop daily with the help of Elizabeth Shange who only works part-time.

Hante collects donations from people around Heidelberg and resells them at low prices.

“People donate clothes, books, furniture and kitchen items. I then sell them at a very low price and with the profit, I donate it to a Solidarity fund-Helpende Hand, an organization that helps the poor,”

explained Du Toit in an interview with Mapep

According to Hante, Ons Winkel has been operating for the past two years but it hasn’t been easy to sell the clothes as Hante was operating from home.

Some of the shoes available on sale at Ons Winkel in Heidelberg

“We decided to move to a big shop so that it could be easy for people to find us,” she said.

Like any regular shop, Ons Winkel allows customers to lay-buy items. It can be clothing, furniture or kitchenware.

“We know that people cannot afford sometimes and lay-buys make it easy for them. Our lay-buy is valid only for one month,” Du Toit said.

The shop has a variety of items ranging from clothes to furniture.

Baby clothes start from R10. Kids clothing from as little as R15 and  men’s and women’s clothing from R20.

A wide range of ladies clothing are available at Ons Winkel

When someone buys an item, their money is lending a helping hand and Hante only gets a portion to continue to run the so.

Located at Shop No.6 at the Heidelberg Forum Centre at 52 Pretorius Street; Ons Winkel opens for six days a week, from 9 am and closes at 5pm.

On Saturdays, the shop opens until 2 pm.

To donate or to find out more information, call Hante on 081 276 9143 or Rita on 081 533 4844.

Like and follow Ons Winkel Heidelberg on Facebook for the latest specials and new items on sale.

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