Author makes a difference with his books

By Esau Dlamini

Bongumusa Jele (44) from Bluegum View in Duduza is a self-published author with more than four books under his belt that he intends to utilize in spreading the message of inspiring the youth.

Speaking to Mapepeza, the passion for literature began in the early stages of his childhood. “I started writing as a little boy and I have always loved books and enjoyed mental activities like reading and writing,” he said.

His first book titled, Ifu elimnyama nenkanyamba was published in 2018 and he says it aims to highlight social ills and the scourge of Gender based Violence in the country.

He explains: “My books are informative and for everyone, especially young people. I want to inspire men to speak out and take action against the killing of women and children and for those men who are also being abused to reach out for help. I talk about all the corruption by our government and the unfairness of our justice system.”

Like many many writers, Bongumusa has approached a number of media houses and book stores in an attempt to promote his books locally.

“My challenges is that I still want to make a book launch, because I never have, and I don’t have enough support to do that at all. The company that print my books can’t do anything without me paying first on which that is the huge strain over my shoulder but I am trying as you see, these 7 books, and still five are finished but not published yet. I would like to get more exposure and platforms to sell,” he said.

Jele says he also wants to empower and encourage aspiring authors never to give up.

“To be somewhere you have to start somewhere and to become something you have to start to do something of your own, even if loads are stacked against you. And keep going no matter how hard it is, never give it up if life still allows you to breathe. Lastly but not the end of my motivation stanzas, I believe that a small good frame of mind could save many lives, so as little mistake can destroy many lives too.”

Bongumusa’s books are available on Amazon and he is active on social media where he engages and updates the public about his work.

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