Beware of city grant-in-aid scam

scam alert

The City of Ekurhuleni warns the public to be aware of Grant-in-Aid scam that is being carried by a person claiming to be an employee of the City. The City has been inundated with complaints from residents who are receiving calls from the scammer soliciting money to purportedly fast-track their Grant-in-Aid applications.

The scammer who claims to be involved in Grant-in-Aid adjudication, solicits amounts of about R3 000 from applicants, and recite their personal information contained in their applications to gain their trust.

The City informs all Grant-in-Aid applicants that applications for Grant-in-Aid are handled and processed free of charge.

The following pointers provided below may assist to differentiate scammers from legit communication by the City:

·The name of the City is City of Ekurhuleni, not Ekurhuleni Municipality;

·Landlines in the City have the 999 prefix;

·The email address for staff is: persons’ and not or any other variation; and

The City urges companies and individuals to be very vigilant and to verify information on the website (

Report fraud and corruption on 0800 102 201.

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