BLF’s Happy Nyawuza is running for Mayor of Lesedi

The Black First Land First (BLF) party has picked community activist and leader, Happy Nyawuza, to stand and contest for the mayoral seat in the Lesedi Local Municipality.

His political journey started when the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) was born back in 2013. He  served as a Secretary for Ward 4.

After relocating, he then was elected Chairperson of Ward 1, where he led for for two years. He later resigned from the EFF to join the BLF in the Lesedi region.

Nyawuza is very active in engaging with community members in finding out their issues and finding ways to help out.

“At the moment I’m running a care-giver organization that helps poor families with clothes, food and any other basic needs. We also help employees that needs representation or being mistreated by their employers,” he explained.

As the BLF party seeks to secure its support in the upcoming municipal elections, they have been using social media channels,door-to-door visits, newspaper and television interviews and advertising.

Happy says he engages with his audience of potential voters and supporters on a daily basis.

With a heavy voice on social media, especially on Facebook, Nyawuza has been gathering support and is not shy to speak his mind to his over 5000 followers.

He believes in such tools for engagement as many people are using their phones to communicate online on a daily basis.

“Each and every ward needs to create a social media platform and also have ward meetings quarterly, so we can quickly resolve matters that needs urgent attention,” he said.

Looking to lead Lesedi from within, Nyawuza is not satisfied with the way things are running with the current administration.

“Surely there’s is a lot that must change, especially the way our municipality is hiring and the poor state of service delivery,” said Nyawuza.

The BLF’s mayoral candidate for Lesedi Local Municipality, Happy Nyawuza poster

The BLF has their 15 point battle plan for municipalities, and Nyawuza wants to put it into action. His top priorities are job creations (recruiting locals only), revive art and culture sector and end drugs and crime.

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  1. Not to say this man has really done will helping people mostly the poor and the youths

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