Boksburg Gas Tanker driver arrested

a person in handcuffs

Gauteng police have confirmed the arrest of the truck driver that caused the explosion in Boksburg, resulting in people losing their lives, multiple injuries and serious damage to properties.

The 32-year-old suspect had been receiving medical treatment for minor injuries at a private hospital.

On Saturday evening (December 24), following the gas tanker explosion in Boksburg, the driver of the tanker was arrested and charged with multiple counts of culpable homicide and negligence.

The incident occurred at around 6:15 AM, when the South African Police Service, Road Traffic Management Corporation, Gauteng Emergency Services, Provincial Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs’ Disaster Management, Response and Rescue personnel, and other officials were dispatched to Boksburg’s Hospital Road following reports of an explosion.

Initial investigations revealed that the loaded gas tanker had become stuck while attempting to pass under a low bridge, leading to the explosion. The tanker was reportedly en route from Richard’s Bay to Botswana at the time of the incident.

One of the City of Ekurhuleni’s Emergency firetrucks was severely damaged while attempting to put out the massive fire from the explosion in the bridge at Railway Street in Plantation, Boksburg

Several people, including eight firefighters and the tanker driver, were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

So far, 15 fatalities have been reported, including a 10-year-old boy. The full extent of the damage to infrastructure and private property is still being assessed.

The suspect is set to appear in Boksburg Magistrates Court on December 28.

Meanwhile, the company that owns the truck, Infinity Group, has released a statement saying they will comply with investigations by law enforcement.

They will conduct their own investigation as well to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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