Bonga aims to be number one


Local athlete, Bonga Calvin Makgalemele is setting his sights on being the best runner ever. Coming all the from Ratanda, he spoke to Mapepeza on his career ambitions.

“I started my athletics career in 2006. I aspired to become like the local legend, Kgotso Mokoena. At the age of 15, that is when I realized I’m good at running,” said Makgalemele. His current running distances are 100 and 200 meters. These are the sprint races that people like Wayde van Niekerk and Usain Bolt (fastest man on Earth) compete in.

Speaking about the present times we all live in, the pandemic closing most major sporting activities, Bonga expressed hope that in the near future things will change for the better. “The Olympics are still going to be on. I say this because I have faith, and I’m always positive,” he said. Recently, the Tokyo Olympics games were said to be still in preparation despite the Coronavirus pandemic still in full swing across many countries. The Japanese government has promised the show will go on.

Modelling is another good thing Bonga is good at. He started a few months ago.

The 18 year old also wants to become a community builder through his career. “In the future, I want to see myself living my dream and I want to see myself helping other people around South Africa. I wanna ‘clean the streets’,” said Makgalemele.

In terms of his resources, Calvin has only got little support. He appeals to provide him with means to make his dream of becoming a professional athlete a reality. He has opened up a crowdfunding website ( where he accepts any form of donation.

Bonga is also in need of sponsors for his equipment and a club. “I can push myself through anything. I would like people to see me as a hard worker,” he said.

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