Breaking barriers with body positivity

Mapepeza News recently spoke with Nodaltini Ngwane, a 33-year-old mother, sister, influencer, and activist for plus-size people from Ratanda Heidelberg.

Nodaltini is currently competing in a pageant that is breaking down the traditional beauty standards and promoting body positivity.

“Modelling has always been associated with slim and well-built people,” Nodaltini said.

“This led other body types to lose confidence in themselves and end up spending their lives trying to change themselves, forgetting to love and accept themselves as they are. Being a great model should not lie in the size of your body, but on what change you bring within your community and ultimately the world at large.”

For Nodaltini, winning the pageant would be a significant milestone in her journey to promote body positivity and break down the negative stereotypes surrounding larger bodies.

“Winning would show people that where one comes from and what they’ve been through does not define or shape their future,” she said.

Nodaltini has received support from her family, friends, brands, and most importantly, her daughter.

“Her level of confidence in everything she does, and the faith she has in me, is what drives me,” she said.

Nodaltini has big plans for the future and sees herself breaking down barriers and inspiring others to live a positive and confident life.

“I see myself on billboards and TV, promoting body positivity. I see myself being an inspiration to people, allowing them to live, be positive, and take pride in their bodies. Not succumbing to society’s negativity.”

Nodaltini Ngwane, Ratanda-based model poses for a picture

Voting for Nodaltini in the pageant would not only be a vote for her, but also a vote for body positivity and inclusiveness.

“Voting for me would mean a lot, and I intend to bring change within our community. Have sessions about body positivity, visit schools with my crown encouraging teens to go out there and make it no matter how big they are.”

The voting lines for the pageant are open until March 1st, and the pageant will take place on March 4th.

To vote for Nodaltini, follow the link:

“You can vote as many times as you can, but only one cast is allowed daily, and please share,” she said.

“It would be an exciting and joyful experience, and I won’t stop being a proud Sdudla even for the following generation,” Nodaltini said.

You can follow her journey on her Facebook account, Intombi Yakwa Ngwane and her Tiktok account deezo80.

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