Call for Nominations for GGNC

The MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation is hereby inviting the public to nominate representatives to serve on the Gauteng Geographical Names Committee or GGNC for short.

Nominations should represent the following areas: Survey and Mapping, PanSALB, Geographical Information System, South African Post Office, legal and other relevant organizations.

GGNC is established through South African Geographical Names Council Act No. 118 of 1998.

The functions of the GGNC are:

  • Set guidelines to the operations of the Local government Geographical Names Committees.
  • Set standards guidelines for local authorities in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
  • Receive proposed geographical names submitted by communities, municipalities and other bodies or individuals.
  • Recommend geographical names falling within the provincial competence to the SAGNC for Minister’s approval

Advise the MEC on:

  • The standardization of proposed new geographical names.
  • Existing geographical names not yet standardized.
  • The changing, removing or replacing of geographical names; and
  • Geographical names and their orthography.
  • In consultation with Local Government, identify existing geographical names in need of revision and coordinate request for advice on geographical names and standardization.
  • Communicate decisions and relevant information on geographical names to the public, state departments and  all other users of geographical names at Provincial and National level by means of gazetteers, lists, maps and other published and electronic media.

Liaise with:

  • Provincial and National organizations concerned with geographical names; and
  • Cultural, historical and linguistic organizations:
  • In consultations with the MEC and The Local Geographical Names Committee, formulate policies and procedures, taking cognizance of the United Nations resolutions and national practice with reference to the standardization of geographical names;
  • Perform any other duty imposed on it by South African Geographical Names Council Act No. 118 of 1998 or any other law

Women, youth and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Nominators should submit the following documents:

  • A detailed resume of the nominee with contact details and at least three references.
  • A nomination letter signed by the nominee.
  • Academic qualifications/transcripts outlining the nominee’s expertise.

Terms and Conditions

The term of office for committee members is three (3) years. The appointed nominees will serve on a part-time basis. Remuneration of appointed nominees will be in line with the rates prescribed by the National Treasury.

Application can be emailed, or hand delivered as follows: Msimeki Mathonsi, Email:

Post to: 38 Rissik Street, Surrey House OR Private Bag X33 Johannesburg 2000 Closing date: 28th April 2023


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