Caught stealing half a million worth of groceries!


On Tuesday, the Ekurhuleni Metro Police officers in the Tsakane area arrested suspects found offloading reportedly stolen foodstuffs from a warehouse in the Geluksdale area (La Bore industrial site) on Newton road.

“When officers closed in on five suspects, who were busy transferring goods from a parked white Isuzu truck to a building following a tip-off off, three suspects ran away from the metro police, leaving behind a 34 and the 40-year old,” said EMPD spokesperson Kobeli Mokheseng.

“The local SAPS were summoned and not long, the Rand track (motor vehicle tracker) Team following coordinates of the stolen goods showed up, citing that a Heavy Motor Vehicle transporting groceries was robbed earlier on and found abandoned (without goods) somewhere on the N3 freeway, confirming that the uncovered loot, tallies with the one missing,” explained Mokheseng.

The apprehended suspects were detained at Tsakane police station, under possession of suspected stolen goods/items case. The two suspects were expected to appear in court today.

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