Coalition partners against R2bn loan

City of Joburg Councillor Neuren Pietersen says that ANC coalition partners including EFF have opposed the short-term R2 billion loan for the City.

My reflection on the recent vote by the ANC and coalition partners, including the EFF, against the short-term R2 billion, Development Bank of South Africa loan.

This would have decreased the cost of the City’s overdraft borrowings and ensured there would be enough cash for short-term commitments.

I write, to try and understand what would motivate ANC, in respect of their seemingly senseless flip-flopping on an item prepared by themselves.

The ANC coalition appears to be playing the coalition partners, the DA and the City’s residents. Their position taken against the granting of the R2 billion loan is not for the benefit of the city.

This is clearly shown by how they flip-flopped on an item prepared by themselves to secure the short-term loan for the City of Johannesburg.

So why would they vote against their own item when the stakes for Johannesburg are so high? Would this not damage their reputation? I believe they are banking on the opposite.

They voted against the loan because it will make the DA look bad when service delivery is compromised due to a lack of funds.

It must be understood that the DA was the only party growing in leaps and bounds, therefore Project #1 for the ANC and EFF – is to undermine the DA so much that the residents lose hope and trust in the DA.

Project #2 for the ANC is to stay in power at all costs. Project #2 for EFF is to weaken the ANC and thereby take over government via the back door. The only obstacle to project #2 for both parties has been and is the Democratic Alliance which has a proven track record in the Western Cape, Cape Town, Midvaal and many smaller municipalities, as acknowledged by the Auditor General’s report.

However, this is not a given in the large newly acquired metros.

The DA has and will continue to be severely scarred by a collapse in service delivery brought on by an administration with strategically placed individuals loyal to the ANC.

A shortage of funds, stagnant committees and circus-like council sittings brought about through coordinated actions by the ANC coalition and the EFF to hamper the project of Good Governance under the banner of the Golden Start for Johannesburg.

Municipal responsibilities are also being increased by the judiciary and the ANC alliance ensuring that basic service delivery cannot take centre stage.

Thus, diminishing chances of success. Cllr Arnolds of the AIC and the Speaker Cllr Colleen Makhubela, who was parachuted into COPE from the ANC, know exactly what they are doing. They know how they are playing to win for the ANC.

The EFF on the other hand is big game fishing. Hook, reel in, release. Letting the big game (the ANC) weaken itself to the point where it cannot fight anymore so it is pulled up next to the EFF boat for its head to be cut off and its guts spilt across the sinking boat.

Only the DA can prevent this because they are the trusted service delivery champions in the country, but the DA knows that it is also being hunted and must not underestimate these players at our peril.

Service delivery for our residents is the focus and that is what we have continued to work to deliver on.

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