DA Gauteng demand Dr Bandile Masuku’s head on the chopping block


The Democratic Alliance (DA) member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and DA Shadow MEC for Health, Jack Bloom has asked for complete accountability for the PPE scandal in the province that implicated MEC Dr Bandile Masuku.

“Internal ANC politics should not absolve Dr. Masuku of his political accountability for the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) scandal – he must go and real efforts made to clear out the rot in the Gauteng Health Department,” said Bloom.

Mainstream media suggest that there is an internal ANC (African National Congress) battle over whether suspended MEC Bandile Masuku should be cleared of involvement in the R2 billion PPE corruption scandal.

“It appears that the ANC’s provincial integrity commission has made damning findings against him; including that he should have exercised better oversight in preventing the corruption, and did not address the conflict of interest arising from his wife’s friendship with Khusela Diko, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, whose husband scored a multi-million PPE contract,” said Bloom.

According to the DA’s media statement by Bloom, Dr. Masuku has contested the findings against him so the report may be changed in his favour.

“Masuku’s fate should not depend on internal ANC wrangling”

“The ANC’s provincial executive committee has yet to consider the matter, but Masuku’s allies, which include Premier David Masuku, are reportedly seeking to save his political career,” Bloom explained in a statement.

Bloom said the most damning thing is that Dr Masuku insisted that the Department’s CFO, Kabelo Lehloenya, resigned at the end of May due to personal reasons – even though he knew she was facing disciplinary action for the ‘fishy’ PPE contracts.

The opposition party said they are also waiting for the report of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to show the true extent of the crime in this matter.

“It is clear that he is politically accountable for not preventing the corruption and he should therefore go,” Bloom emphasized.

Meanwhile, reports online suggest that the Gauteng ANC Integrity Commission has allegedly cleared Dr Masuku and Diko on the Corona-19 PPE Scandal.

The fact of the matter is that the party’s Provincial Executive Committee will soon meet to decide what action will be taken on the scandal.

Reports online suggest that the commission has found both not been involved in the PPE corruption and will go back to their respective positions with immediate effect.

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