Dj Sbu Mofaya launches soft drink range


Opening the country’s Heritage Month with new product range that is made for South Africans living in the township communities, the Mofaya Beverage Company has revealed their new line of drinks set to quench anyone’s thirst during the warm seasons.

Marketing director DJ Sbu (real name Sibusiso Leope) led a press conference on Tuesday, September 1, where the Mofaya brand launched their new Carbonated Soft Drinks range.

MoFaya Beverage Company stands proudly as the first 100% black owned Beverage Company in South Africa. The company is known for its energy drink which is now sold across retailers and wholesalers countrywide. New flavours of the popular energy beverage were also unveiled to the media.


Speaking on the company’s response to the pandemic, Dj Sbu said they are working on new products like sports and health drinks made for the health-conscious community.

MoFaya’s four new energy drink flavors unveiled on September 1.

Soft drink filled with Mzansi

The 12 soft drink flavors have unique names which celebrate the township culture that Dj Sbu famously embodies. Flavors like the typical Cola is named Sash Mnyamane (a popular slang term for a dark-skinned fellow). Other variations include Nomalizo (Creme Soda), Igemmer (Ginger Beer), Mzekezeke (Orange) and Akekhugogo (Litchi) amongst others.

The three new energy drink flavors are: Orange Ting, Ginger Zing and Coffee Cola.

DJ Sbu founded the MoFaya brand in 2013 and has expanded it to become available in major food and beverage outlets across South Africa. The company has sold 26% of its shares to the Coca-Cola Company in 2017, expanding its manufacturing base to serve its countrywide demand.

For more information on the new range of drinks, visit this link.


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