Driver killed after head on collusion with truck on N3!


A male driver in his early thirties, driving a hatchback light motor vehicle was killed after a crash with an articulate truck on R550 road near Suikerbosrand nature reserve just outside Zonkizizwe, south of Ekurhuleni. Preliminary information on scene states that, it was a head on collusion between the two vehicles as they were driving in two opposite directions prior the accident.

“City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) rescue team from Zonkizizwe fire station received a call at 11H35 Sunday morning, February 9, and swiftly responded to the address. On arrival, a wrecked articulate truck was on the side of the road and the hatchback light motor vehicle was on the opposite side of the road with pieces of metals lying all over the area, “said DEMS spokesperson William Ntladi.

The truck driver escaped with minimal injuries while the body of the hatchback vehicle driver, was still trapped behind the steering wheel. Paramedics on scene initiated medical treatment but unfortunately, he was declared dead on scene.
Rescue team had to use Jaws of Life to recover the deceased driver from the wreckage.

The hatchback involved in a head on collusion with truck on the N3 freeway near Suikerbosrand Reserve.

The reason of the crash is still a subject of investigations by the South African Police Officers.

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