Drug dealing suspect nabbed at Ratanda central


Police received a tipoff on Sunday afternoon, November 30, about a man driving an Opel Corsa selling drugs near the Ratanda Robots/Central Business District (Corner Boschhoek and Heidelberg Road). 

A search of the body and car was performed upon arrival of the members to the mentioned vehicle. 

Under the gear lever canvas cover, drugs were found concealed. 

Under the gear lever canvas cover, drugs were found concealed. 

The police discovered 16 drug packages. The suspect was arrested immediately and the  narcotics and vehicle used to distribute drugs have been confiscated.

The arrested suspect will appear in Heidelberg Magistrate Court soon.

The Ratanda SAPS Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Makgora Paul Selota commended the good partnership with CPF and community at large in eradicating crimes within their midth.

Lieutenant Colonel Selota further reminded the community that children becomes vulnerable and hooked to substances due to reckless and ignorant people like the suspect arrested.

He concluded by encouraging and motivating community to report all criminal activities to the Police immediately. He assured that all information given or provided will be treated with serious confidentiality.

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