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Electricity restored for Kwa Thema community

The City of Ekurhuleni has restored power to most parts of KwaThema. The areas that remain off at this stage are KwaThema Extension 2 and Barcelona.

Electricity to most of the areas was restored at the weekend.

“Technicians are working hard to restore power to the remaining areas by tonight. However, this depends on the capacity of the cable currently being laid,” the City said in a statement.

Residents are requested to use electricity sparingly to avoid tripping of areas already energised and to allow the remaining areas to be restored speedily.

The community’s electricity supply was affected when the Nkabinde substation caught fire a couple of weeks ago.

This incident left most parts of the townships in the dark for days. The City has been restoring the power incrementally since then.

Stephen Seakgwe

Stephen Seakgwe is the editor of Mapepeza. He is a working journalist covering general and investigative stories for the newspaper and online platforms. Stephen is an experienced and driven Media Specialist with over eight years of experience creating compelling content across multiple media platforms for a range of brands.

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