Even during difficult times, He is still Christ

oscar kubeka jok

Even though we walk in the valley of the shadow of death we fear not.

This is the reason we have joy and determination even though when we feel pressured by circumstances of this magnitude.

I normally say, every challenge in your life brings new phenomenal approach until the pressure surrends.

We are blessed by the fact we have Christ we must fear NOT.

All roads may look heavier but the guarantee lies upon the Lord to grant us His grace and mercy to rewrote our lives.

Prayer sets the standard

With hope and passion we believe God will hear our prayers in no time.

Dreams, purpose and vision are crucial when we see future progress and stability in all we do.

What we need is to stick to His promises that one day we will prosper no matter what the circumstance.

If we fear too much it means we are discrediting our God, the Saviour and author of our lives.

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