Former President Zuma gets compassionate leave

Jacob Zuma

The Department of Correctional Services has granted former President Jacob Zuma permission to attend the funeral of his late younger brother.

In a statement, the department said a sentenced offender who was granted permission to leave a correctional centre remained a sentenced offender even while temporarily outside.

“The permission granted to Mr Zuma is for Thursday, 22 July 2021,” the department said.

When outside a correctional facility, inmates need not wear offender uniform.

“As a short-term, low risk classified inmate, Mr Zuma’s application for compassionate leave was processed and approved following the Correctional Services prescripts.”

He will attend the burial of his younger brother Michael, who died earlier this month after a reportedly long illness. 

The former president is currently serving a 15-month sentence at the Escourt Correctional Centre in KwaZulu-Natal. The former statesman, 79, was sentenced on 29 June for defying an instruction to give evidence at an inquiry into corruption during his nine years in power.

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