Gauteng COVID-19 cases double in one week

Over the past week, COVID-19 cases in Gauteng have doubled, with hospital admissions increasing.

“Gauteng has entered a new period in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is gaining momentum. We must face this reality head-on and mobilise all resources and energy to save lives,” Gauteng Premier David Makhura said.

As of June 11, the province had a total of 7 953 COVID-19 cases, 4 948 active cases, 2 948 recoveries and 57 deaths.

The province has screened 7 458 034 people and conducted 338 211 tests.

The Premier on Friday (June 12) led the weekly virtual Provincial Command Council briefing.

“Cumulatively, 1 033 patients were admitted in hospital. 476 of whom were discharged and 57 succumbed to the infection.

Currently, we have about 493 patients are admitted in hospital, 22 of whom are ventilated and 124 on oxygen,” he said.

Public servants affected by COVID-19

Since March, 335 public servants in Gauteng have tested positive for the virus. This includes public Health workers and Educators.

“Like all other patients, affected staff and their family members are receiving care and treatment.

All our staff members, who were in contact with those who tested positive, have been tested and will follow all protocols to prevent the spread,” Makhura said.

There is ongoing decontamination of all public buildings regularly, as part of the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, Makhura said public servants undergo daily screening and some are referred for testing.

“We call for significant behavioural change among the residents of our province: wear masks, wash your hands, sanitise and observe physical distance.

We are deeply concerned about the surge in the number of trauma cases related to alcohol abuse,” Makhura said.

The Premier said everyone must take the necessary precautionary measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

“Based on the current patient load, we have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) in stock. However, we continue to order more stock for the next phases of the pandemic,” he said.

Makhura emphasised that surgical and N95 masks must be reserved for use only by frontline healthcare workers.

“Priority is on the empowerment of local manufacturing companies; small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and township businesses,” he said.

Schools reopening

Most schools have now reopened.

However, some remain closed for various reasons, primarily due to issues relating to infrastructure, water supply, as well as ablution facilities.

“A number of schools have been temporarily closed due to confirmed COVID-19 cases.

We are awaiting the report from the Department to confirm that it is safe to reopen.

“Both learner and teacher attendance has been above the 85%.

A detailed assessment will be done at the end of the week. Many teachers, who have not returned, are teachers with comorbidities,” the Premier said.

Comorbidity means more than one disease/condition is present in a person at the same time.

“We are consolidating figures for educators and learners with comorbidities, which could influence the attendance rate,” the Premier said.

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