Gauteng Health urged to fast-track disciplinary proceedings


Acting Gauteng Health MEC, Jacob Mamabolo has directed the department to compile a full report on all long outstanding disciplinary cases.

In a statement on Monday (August 24), the MEC also urged the department to commence immediately with hearings and to fast-track cases which were already underway.

This comes in the wake of the announcement of investigations by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) where departmental officials are implicated.

“Disciplinary action if left pending for a long period has a negative impact on the department’s performance and affect the confidence the people of Gauteng have placed on us. It also leaves staff anxious, as they are worried about their future.

“Furthermore, it constraints the department as you have people who by virtue of their transgression have demonstrated that they no longer have an interest to serve the people of our province,” Mamabolo said.

The MEC added that the department remains committed to addressing maladministration and rooting out corruption.

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