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Gauteng residents urged to prepare for Rand Water maintenance

Rand Water is expected to embark on extensive infrastructure maintenance from this Saturday (June 22), lasting until the end of July.

According to the water utility, this forms part of its maintenance plan for this coming winter.

“Proactive infrastructure maintenance is important to preserve the quality and integrity of the infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs in the long term and increase the life span of the infrastructure and assets. A maintained water infrastructure ensures uninterrupted water supply for the current and future generation.

“As an organisation, we have a solid Asset Management Strategy which provides a focused approach to managing technical maintenance, asset lifecycle and maximise the value and advantage of our assets. We conduct two types of infrastructure and asset maintenance, proactive (planned) and unplanned. Our proactive maintenance is scheduled and aimed at preserving the quality, integrity and lifespan of our water infrastructure,” the Rand Water said.

The maintenance will begin this Saturday with the Eikenhof System in Mogale (West Rand) with customers not expected to be affected.

“We have engaged with our municipal customers, continue to engage and officially notified them about the upcoming maintenance project to ensure that they have a 21-day period to plan, put appropriate contingency plans in place, manage storage capacity prior and during the maintenance period and inform their customers accordingly.

“Impacted Municipalities are requested to advise their customers on the extent and impact of water supply and on contingency plans that will be put in place. Rand Water will provide updates throughout the maintenance period,” the water utility said.

Stephen Seakgwe

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