GP townships need to comply with regulations


The level of awareness and compliance with the lockdown regulations in Gauteng have improved but areas in some townships remain a concern for government.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura has attributed compliance with the regulations to the law enforcement agencies who have been conducting integrated operations across the province to enforce regulations and combat crime.

“As a result, compliance and public awareness has significantly improved since the national lockdown on 27 March. In particular there is more compliance in the public transport system, open public spaces and shopping malls.

“However, there are still areas of concern in the townships where behavioural change and compliance are not yet at the level required. We note there are still areas in some of our townships were people are walking up and down as if COVID-19 does not exist.

“There are still areas where people are not wearing masks, people gather in crowds and some play sports in the football grounds,” the Premier said.

He was on Thursday (May 21) leading a media briefing by the Provincial Command Council which gave an update on COVID-19.

The provincial government has been having intensive engagements and inspections of various businesses that are open under level 4 in order to ensure full compliance with the health and safety protocols.

High risk sectors have been identified as retail, public transport, manufacturing and mining.

“Employers will be required to provide a workplace risk assessment plant. That should include, but not limited to – the provision of screening and testing facilities, sanitary and social distancing measures and measures to protect vulnerable employees.

Government continues to disinfect building, screen and test staff,” the Premier said.

Gauteng COVID-19 stats

As of Wednesday, Gauteng has 2 400 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1 729 recoveries, 27 deaths and 644 active cases.

The province has screened a total of 4 480 546 people.

Tshwane accounting for 32% of screenings, Johannesburg is at 23%, Ekurhuleni is at 23%, Sedibeng 10%, West Rand 8% and Correctional Services at 5%.

A total of 506 861 tests have been conducted to date to date.

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