Gymnastics SA Awards their Best Athletes

Gymnastics South Africa is proud to announce the winners of the Annual Sports Awards.

The Awards recognize the outstanding performances by gymnasts and officials throughout 2022.

“Our Annual Sports Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the gymnasts and officials of our gymnastics family,” says Donovan Jurgens, President of Gymnastics South Africa.

“2022 was such a phenomenal year with our Women’s Artistic gymnasts leading the way both at African Champs and Commonwealth Games.

We also saw notable achievements in Trampoline, Rhythmic, Men’s Artistic, Rope Skipping and Parkour.

Our coaching staff are to be commended for preparing our gymnasts to perform at the highest level.”

“I would like to extend my warm congratulations to all the winners who aspire to excel in gymnastics.

These awards not only recognize their achievements but also serve as an inspiration for the next generation of gymnasts who hope to follow in their footsteps,” adds Jurgens.

The winners of the Annual Sports awards are selected based on points awarded for the events and competitions that they have attended throughout the year.

The winners of the 2022 Annual Sports awards per discipline are:

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

·        Caitlin Rooskrantz (Senior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Karma Visagie (Junior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Ilse Pelser (Coach of the Year)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

·        Muhammad Khaalid Mia (Senior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Daniel McLean (Junior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Kevin Basson (Coach of the Year)

Rhythmic Gymnastics:

·        Shannon Gardiner (Senior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Kgaogelo Maake (Junior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Aimee van Rooyen (Coach of the Year)


·        Alejandra Martinez Morales (Tumbling Junior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Mason Bensingh & Taylor Dunnington (Double Mini Junior Gymnast of the Year – shared award)

·        Micheal Masangane (Tumbling Senior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Matthew Bosch (Double Mini Senior Gymnast of the Year)

·        Lee Budler (Coach of the Year)

Rope Skipping

·        Sihle Motha (Junior Jumper of the Year)

·        Mkhululi Gosa (Senior Gymnast of the Year)


·        Dominique D’Oliviera

Administrator of the Year

·        Izelqe de Bruin (WAG)

Awarded for her outstanding service to Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Gymnastics SA. Izelqe de Bruin’s unwavering commitment to doing more than what is required of her, always looking for ways to improve processes and procedures, and streamlining operations is reflected in the efficient manner in which the WAG DMC operates.

Special Awards

·        Anke Badenhorst – Judge at Commonwealth Games 2022 (WAG)

·        Allison Beyers – Judge at Commonwealth Games 2022 (RG)

·        Jannie Janse van Vuuren – Judge at Commonwealth Games 2022 (MAG)

As a recognition of their outstanding skills, experience, and expertise in their respective disciplines, Anke Badenhorst, Allison Beyers, Jannie Janse van Vuuren were selected to judge at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

It is such an honour to be selected for the Games and these three judges had an amazing experience. 

President’s Award

·        Wellington Xolani Magwaza

Wellington Xolani Magwaza is awarded the President’s award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to growing participation in gymnastics in Amajuba Hub in Newcastle, KZN.

Through his efforts, he has managed to keep children in the area off the streets and active by making enrolment and learning gymnastics more accessible for all, regardless of their background or level of experience.

He has managed to develop a strong and supportive gymnastics community in the region by establishing strong links with the local schools and community organizations, working closely with them to promote gymnastics and encourage young people to get involved.

“We are also incredibly proud of Matthew Bosch, who broke his own 2021 national record at Gym Games and scored the highest qualifying routine at the 2022 Trampoline World Champs, raising his profile in Double mini–Trampoline Gymnastics.”

“These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in Gymnastics South Africa, and we look forward to even greater success in the future,” concludes Jurgens.

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