Heavy rainfall predicted for Gauteng this weekend

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has released an alert for disruptive rain that can result in flash floods across the Gauteng province this weekend (February 4-6).

Communities can expect floods affecting low lying areas as well as roads with difficulties in driving for motorists. Strong winds may also occur with these thunderstorms.

Anticipation of roads flooding and settlements (formal and informal), and possible damage to roads and bridges can be expected. Danger to life (fast flowing streams / deep water) due to already full rivers in some regions.

Damage to property, infrastructure, loss of livelihood and livestock. Major disruption of traffic flow due to major roads being flooded or closed. Damage to mud-based/make-shift houses/structures, all these are eminent. 

Members of the public are cautioned to stay indoors and off the roads if possible. 

“Avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where water is above your ankles. Be extremely cautious when approaching subways as this is where water floods easily during heavy rain. Already in the past weeks, several motorists found themselves trapped and their vehicles submerged under water. In buildings, move valuables to a safe place above the expected flood level,” explained the spokesperson of the Ekurhuleni Emergency and Disaster Management.

In case of an emergency, call 10177 or 112 to dispatch the nearest rescue team.

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