Heidelberg police arrest 23 suspects for producing counterfeit goods


About 23 suspects were arrested on Tuesday evening (January 11) for possesion of stolen property, manufacturing and distributing of counterfeit goods, illegal immigration in Heidelberg.

“Colonel Brand and Captain Du Toit of Springs VisPol unit got information that counterfeit goods are being manufactured and distributed to shops in Heidelberg area. Colonel Brand and Du Toit went with Sargent Zondo and Constable Lewis and the Customs NRRT unit to the premises,” said Heidelberg police spokesperson Constable Doris Nkosi.

When officers arrived, they found the store room filled with parts for assembling of kettles, counterfeit lights, counterfeit fans, electrical leads, light fixtures and counterfeit cigarettes.


At this stage the value is to big to be estimated how much it can be. It is said to be worth millions of counterfeit stock produced.

Police made another discovery at the back of the factory in Apsey street.

They found another manufacturing plant, filled with cotunterfit goods that was ready to be distributed.

“Both scenes were handed over to customs officers who sealed the premisses for further investigation. Organized crime unit from Germiston also attended the scene,” said Constable Nkosi.

All 23 suspects arrested will appear in Heidelberg magistrate court soon.

Packaged kettles that have been manufactured at the factory
Pallets of counterfeit goods discovered at a factory in Heidelberg

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