If I Stay Right Here Book Review

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Author: Chwayita Ngamlana (ISBN 1928337449, 9781928337447)

Originally published: 2017

Genre: Fiction


“Thabiso Mahlape Shay, a seemingly shy and innocent journalism student, is sent to a female prison to cover a story on an inmate, but falls in love instead.

Two months later, Sippy, Shay’s love interest, is out of prison and they move in together.

On the outside, Sippy is the haunted one in the relationship, but as their love story unfolds, it turns out that Shay has her own secrets….”

Bookseller’s description

This book falls under experimental fiction and is the author’s first title and certainly won’t be h

What a gem.

Firstly I would like to give credits to the author, well done!

The writing style is way different from the ones I’m used to. Some chapters were just weird to understand but believe me, the puzzle comes together as you continue reading. I felt out of my comfort zone, which is fantastic! I couldn’t put it down.

Shay is our main character beautiful, loving and caring young lady with a bright future ahead of her. She’s a student doing Journalism and a part-time intern for some company.

We all love a Feminist!

She meets Sippy under unforseen circumstances and falls inlove. My goodness, this is one toxic relationship I never imagined when I started reading this book.

Sippy is Butch and calls the shots around (“she’s the man”).

The book was nice when they were loving to each other, I mean who doesn’t like a bit of romance. However I wanted to throw it away when things hit it’s peak.

Sippy has a dark past, things gets ugly when they fight.
Readers, we are following an Abusive, heartbreaking and crazy relationship here. Not forgetting the steamy erotic moments. Who ever thought two ladies in love could be so much drama?

This book showed me flames. It’s one of those love and hate kinda reads. You love to hate it.

Lesson learned: Leave abusive relationships while you can.

About the author

Ngamlana was born and raised in Grahamstown. She is an only child who found comfort and companionship in reading and writing from the age of 10.

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