Joburg hosts Cycle Walk event this weekend

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“Come join hundreds of participants at our social Cycle/ Walk Event to encourage regular use of cycle lanes and walkways around the City,” says Dorothy Mabuza, the Executive Director Transport in the City of Johannesburg.

The City will host the annual Cycle/Walk to promote the use of 25km of cycle lanes and various sidewalks and walkways spread throughout the seven regions on Saturday, March 11.

Participants will have the option of a 15km bicycle ride or a 4km walk starting from Altrek Sports Centre in Alexandra Region E.

“We are starting at 7am and end at 2pm. This event is part of the Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) programme to encourage the residents to develop a cycling and walking culture similar to first world cities such as Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Copenhagen in Denmark,” says Mabuza

She said that it was the City’s goal to make cycling and walking the preferred mode of transport over short distances. During peak hours, travelling to work can take up to 60 minutes due to traffic congestion and malfunctioning traffic lights.

In a city of people who love their cars, it is important to promote cycling and walking as part of an overall strategy to decongest traffic, promote behavioural change, contribute towards the reduction of air pollution and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The Alexandra Cycle Club will lead the charge on the 15km route along East Bank Avenue, Lion Street, Pretoria Main Road into Katherine, Grayston, Rivonia, Daisy and Linden along Rautenbach Avenue and all the way back along 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th avenues to Roosevelt Street into Dove Lane East Bank and back into Altrek Sports Centre.

The 4km walk will start at Kwabhekilanga Sports Centre and proceed into Phil Ziqubu Street, Lion Crescent, 18th Avenue, Richard Baloyi Street towards 7th Avenue and Florence Mphoshom Street, back into 18th Avenue until East Bank Avenue to the Sports Centre.

There will be water points along the way as well as JMPD and EMS to ensure safety and health of participants.

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