JOK Motivation: Accept what you can’t change

oscar kubeka jok

There are things you can’t change in life.

There’s no way not to go back to rectify.

The only choice is to find a suitable breakthrough towards your problems and challenges.

Life is too short for you to go back to dig up your past.

You have to now plan, react and implement all the possible way to live what you have in style.

Don’t surrender!

Always look beyond the situation and you shall a way to deal with the challenge.

Many believe that you can change everything you don’t want just easily by ‘being the change they want to see.’

However, I have a different approach on that issue.

Start to change yourself before you can think of changing the world.

Run the race with Christ because once you face the situation of not being able to change anything.

God shall protect you rather putting your trust in uncapable hands of humankind who will laugh at you once you hit the wall.

Be persistent and stand bold

There’s no thing or challenge that is meant to only leave you with scars.

They leave you with the lesson. With that, you will be able to take your spear to fight the battle.

Failure, disappointment and hardship are the true teachers of life – and we can learn more from them than any other firm of education. It’s called ‘trial and error,’ or ‘experiment’ in science and ‘practicing’ in medicine.

Believe me, tough time never last but tough people do.

But that only applies to people who are prepared to face any challenges.

Greatness belongs to everybody with sense of courage, enthusiasm and eagerness.

Learn to believe in yourself even though sometimes it is difficult.

Remember all the promises you made to yourself.

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