JOK Motivation: Failure is not a death sentence

oscar kubeka jok

The word ‘failure’ has effects because many believe that if they failed once then it means its the end of the road.

Yet we still have long journey with too much on the list to accomplish.

Don’t take steps back, believe in the power of positivity and compassionate efforts.

There’s no turning back

If you fail, it doesn’t state you should stop, but to go back to the drawing board.

Failure it’s not a death sentence but failure teaches you to work more harder, more committed and be devoted towards what you aspire to accomplish and become.

At times, those who always vow to stand with you through thick and thin you find them standing against when you’re in crisis or we fail to reach certain expectations.

Cool the fires of anger

Sometimes we say words out of anger when all we’ve planned doesn’t according in our favour.

And sometimes, our loved ones can fall victim to our rage and frustration with life’s challenges.

Sometimes we hurt people without noticing that proves destroying others morals, dignity, courage and faith.

If you’re angry, please cool first before you speak curses than blessings to others. A deep breath can help.

Remember, words are like bullets. Once you release them, they cannot return and can be a fatal blow to you and others.

So don’t let failure and disappointment get you fired up in anger. Learn from them as they are the best teachers in life.

Keep your cool and and know that failure is never a death sentence.

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