JOK Motivation: God is our last hope

oscar kubeka jok

Challenging times may come and go, but His word remains the same forever.

Nobody can defeat the will of God.

We cannot opt to trust human kind because people change as the circumstances change.

Let’s all unite in one spirit to pray in harmony to ask God to help us fight COVID19 in true sense we can.

Unity brings the majority together while the minority disturbs the courage to achieve.

We cannot afford to surrender but what we must do is keep our minds focus in the word of God.

When storms come in heavy power, let’s not lean on our thoughts but ask God to stand with us when others are standing against us.

Bridges may overflow but God’s will rescues us if we drown in problems, sadness and hunger.

“God, you are our last hope nobody can give us eternal peace, comfort and wisdom except you mighty Lord.”

Mantra: Start your day with these words…

The stars that shines bright gives us hope that God’s miracles are unlimited and sufficient for all who believes in the power of LOVE.

If we think COVID-19 beats GOD, we are lying.

By the look of things, the pandemic was supposed to be worse now but Christ made the devil to forget his plans.

No plans or people who wants to destroy can have a free flow to destroy the will of God while He is always around. Nothing lasts longer or is better than the Creator.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone but most you and most people can transform dreams into action, rather turn lies into facts.

Everyday God remains the precious God that does not disappoint.

God sustains the purpose in someone life to yield or bear positive fruits.

God you’re our last hope therefore we are not shy to praise you when the rest of the world decides to follow their own ways.

Believe me, the day will come for those who are not in Christ to understand the principles of loving the living Almighty God.

Even if the ark can sink, but God is our last hope for greatness and salvation.

Lets not fear because the Lord is with us.

Those who talk bad about us, we fear not. For the simple fact that we have our Protector, Father and Mother that cares unconditionally.

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