JOK Motivation: Nobody sees our internal tears

oscar kubeka jok

We all have downfalls but nobody sees when we feel down. We only notice that there’s a problem someone shows a sad face or even when they cry.

Who can heal our internal bleeding? Believe you me, it’s only God who heal our tears.

Allow your heart to heal bit by bit until you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I still believe in the old technique of solving one problem at a time.

Do your best and the Lord will take care of the rest.

Let’s all handover everything to God.

Just imagine, the world is suffering from internal bleeding. People dying from the inside with their sorrow, anger and regrets.

Run your race with God

I believe you can turn things around only if you open yourself to our loving God.

It doesn’t take effort or any sort of qualifications to pretend to be strong while you know inside you’re dying.

I understand your character makes you feel inferior to accept that you need help. Call upon God.

If you can assess most deaths are caused by internal tears because majority likes to remain quiet for a reason and thinking that they’ll be judged.

Don’t act strong while you can get help.

Every frustrations brings anxiety that nobody can fill easily.

Rely on God, not magicians who will think they can help you to bring closure only for the outcome of them getting paid.

Putting your whole life in the hands of God means that you cast away all the past burdens, knowing that your internal tears are wiped away forever.


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