JOK Motivation: Respect encourages Faith

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Respect is not taught at any institutions of learning. A few rare souls have learned it at home, while most of us have to get it along the way.

People usually take each other for granted. When you show them respect, they can think you’re a weakling but deep inside it shows calibre and values of self-confidence.

Respect teaches you to learn how to deal with people when they decide to walk far away from you.

Many believe that along the journey of self-discovery lies ahead a channel to ‘receive’ respect.

Those people end up not knowing that they are the cause of not being respected, by not showing respect to others.

Some may confuse fear with respect and think that intimidation and violence will get them the respect they deserve.

These methods have driven people to become less than themselves and lose their dignity and integrity.

No title, no position no matter who you are – respect is earned and not given.

When you have faith in yourself and others, it will show in how people treat you. Either they will respect you or they will tolerate you.

Attitude of gratitude builds respect

Be thankful when you earn respect from the society because others hide between truth and reality.

It might happen these people disregard your worth by disrespecting you, its well but one day God shall answer all of your prayers.

Gossip, anxiety, discomfort and laziness destroys layers of respect.

Along the journey, everyone is required to have a purpose, passion and faith in order to reach greener pastures.

There’s no person who wants to be poor or miserable for the rest of their life.

Respect yourself and others will respect you. Like most things, it is earned and not given to you.

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