Lesedi responds to Airfield tender allegations


After much attention was bought to the public about allegations against the Lesedi Local Municipality’s airfield or aerodrome project tender processes, the office of the executive mayor Cllr Lerato Maloka-Mkhize has responded.

In a media statement meant to address the mainstream media reports, the municipality said that a meeting with the Gauteng Infrastructure Financing Agency (Gifa) will be convened soon.

It also explains the role of both the local and provincial government in the entire process.

The municipality said the Heidelberg Aerodrome was reflected in both the municipality’s approved
Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP).

“It is the responsibility of the municipality to ensure that all the projects in the IDP and SDBIP are achieved and implemented and not the responsibility of any other spheres of government,” said Lesedi.

The council maintains that it has autonomy over the implementation of orojects in the area and ‘through the application of its internal processes,’ it may seek support and assistance from other spheres of government.

Where it all started

Two years ago, both Lesedi Municipality and Gifa signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) meant to conduct a smooth facilitation of the estimated R7 billion infrastructure plan.

According to Lesedi, the provincial agency was mandated to do three things:

  1. Etablish a Project Steering Committee,
  2. Appointment of a service provider to conduct the feasibility study and
  3. To report on the progress.

But after waiting for almost 18 months for GIFA do perform on its signed deliverables, Lesedi Council decided to take ‘matters into their own hands’ and institute its own supply chain processes and look for a service provider.

“The reason for taking over the process as mentioned, was not only to neglect the assistance that was
not received, but to ensure that project get delivered to fulfil the strategic objectives as contemplated in the Municipality’s IDP, which in this case the municipality take autonomy on it rather than to blame
the other sphere of government if it is not delivered,” said Lesedi.

The Office of the Executive Mayor is adamant that everything is done in accordance with all legal framework of the municipality and the terms if reference in the tender were above board and not ‘flimsy’, as mainstream media reports suggest.

Where the project is now

On February 12, the handover ceremony was hosted by the Lesedi Local Municipality alongside the deputy minister of Trade, Competition and Industry Fikile Majola.

The company, MTP Aviation Solutions was appointed by Lesedi to implement the project.

Read the article here: https://www.mapepeza.online/lesedi-airfield-to-boost-local-economy/

The municipality has disputed claims that the Heidelberg Aerodrome was handed over to the service provider (MTP) wrongfully.

“This was done through a transparent SCM process in a form of a competitive bidding as stipulated by the MFMA (Municipal Financial Management Act),” said Lesedi mayor in the statement.

Currently, the municipality said the concession agreement is not yet signed off due to further consultation taking place and to be subjected to legal inputs.

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