Man arrested for creating fraudulent documents


Johannesburg police arrested a 32 year old male for fraud at Johannesburg Central Police Station on Tuesday afternoon, December 14.

According to police, It is alleged the suspect came to the station to apply for renewal of competency to carry a firearm.

It is required that applicants must first produce proof of a residential address.


He gave police a bank statement which is not required.

He was then instructed to either bring municipal or electrical bill statements.

“He went to the Internet Cafe to print proof of residence and came back to the Police Station. When the police check his Curriculum Vitae, the residential address did not correspond with the proof of residence printed at the Internet Cafe. He took the police to that internet cafe and failed to point a person who assisted him with fraudulent residential address,” explains Captain Xoli Mbele.

Investigation is underway and suspect is expected to appear soon in the Johannesburg Magistrate Court.


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