Mayor Gwamanda to Deliver his maiden State of the City Address

The City of Johannesburg is gearing up for the highly anticipated State of the City Address (SOCA), which will be delivered by Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda on Tuesday, June 6.

This will mark the 21st edition of the State of the City Address, a tradition that has been observed in the City since 2002.

Ahead of the event, City of Joburg Speaker, Cllr Colleen Makhubele, and Chief Whip of Council, Cllr Sithembiso Zungu, addressed the media on Monday, June 5, shedding light on the proceedings.

Cllr Makhubele emphasized the significance of the State of the City Address, describing it as a momentous occasion where leaders come together to present a clear vision for the future of Johannesburg.

She emphasized that the address provides residents and stakeholders with an opportunity to learn about the City’s progress and plans, as well as to be inspired to work collaboratively towards a brighter future for all.

Acknowledging the extensive preparations that have taken place behind the scenes, Cllr Makhubele expressed confidence in a successful State of the City Address.

She highlighted the diligent efforts of Mayor Gwamanda, who has been working tirelessly to craft his address, which will cover all 11 priorities of the City. This will also mark Mayor Gwamanda’s inaugural State of the City Address.

“The address serves as a means to inform the City about its current economic, political, and social state. It also allows the mayor to summarize the achievements and plans of the City’s programs for the upcoming year and the remainder of their term in office,” explained Cllr Makhubele.

Joburg Speaker of Council, Colleen Makhubele (centre) preparing to address the media briefing on the preparations and proceedings for the SOCA.

“The address typically outlines the mayor’s legislative proposals and policy directions for the year ahead, as well as the priorities and strategic objectives of the Government of Local Unity,” she added. Makhubele emphasized the collective desire to witness a safe City of Johannesburg that fosters energy, job creation, and addresses social challenges and political instability.

Speaker Makhubele emphasized the collective desire to witness a safe City of Johannesburg that fosters energy, job creation, and addresses social challenges and political instability.

Encouraging active participation in the proceedings, Cllr Makhubele urged residents to follow the State of the City Address either through the City’s official social media platforms or various media channels.

She emphasized the importance of residents engaging with the City’s activities and local governance.

Notably, the City has been conducting Integrated Development Plan sessions, and now it is the time for residents to see if their concerns and input have been incorporated.

“We trust that tomorrow’s speech will be inspiring, instill hope, and enable us to look forward to a brighter City of Johannesburg,” Cllr Makhubele expressed.

The formal proceedings will commence at 09:00, with the mayor being welcomed by a drill squad, followed by a parade from Jorrisen Street to the Metro Centre.

Upon arrival, the Speaker will extend a warm welcome to Mayor Gwamanda. The State of the City Address will be delivered at 10:00.

For those interested in following the event, the City has provided several options. The proceedings can be followed live on the City’s Twitter page, @CityofJoburgZA, or live-streamed on the City’s Facebook, YouTube, or Joburg Pulse Radio platforms (


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