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McDonalds SA shares love on Valentines

It all started a week before Valentine’s Day by a ‘brokenhearted’ McDonalds South Africa Twitter page saying, “Eish guys banglahlile” (meaning They Dumped Me).

This Twitter thread started a trending post that other local brands joining in. Coming to ‘console’ McDs, brands like Virgin Active tweeted, “He cancelled his membership?!” 

Fans and the branded ‘friends’ continued to create an interactive campaign that led to the launch of McDonalds Valentine’s Day promotion called McMeal Match Day.

Customers can get a free McFlurry when they use the app in store on Valentines Day. There is also an opportunity for free ‘matching’ items for some of the meals purchased on the day.

“Not getting a match doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate Valentines,” tweeted McDs.

Brands like Ster-Kenikor, Gordon’s Gin, Aromat, E-TV and fans alike joined in and created over 1,100 replies to this one tweet.

Ford South Africa being the first to ask “Ngiku lande chomi? You need some air shem” with a gif of a mustang Gt pulling off.

Ster-Kiner also joined inviting Mc D’s to cry together while watching “Jack le Rose” in Titanic.

Absa also inviting them to reap rewards that will bring some happiness. Woolworths offered a tub of its famous TinRoof ice-cream to ‘make a difference’. Miller along with Takealot suggested some alcohol to forget about ‘mjolo’. 


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