Mob justice claims a life in Soweto

One person is dead and another is seriously injured following an apparent mob justice incident after it was alleged that they were involved in robbing a resident.

In an interview with the publication, residents of Dobsonville in Soweto say the community is well known as a nest of criminals and the residents have now had enough.

The two men are alleged to be part of a gang group that has been terrorizing the community.

While trying to plead for mercy and escape beating from the angry crowd, one guy allegedly squatted and begged to prove he was really sorry.

His action was met with increased fury reaction after one residents complained that they should stop wasting time and get rid of them.

Residents added that they are demanding permission to apply corporal punishment on suspected criminals without full and fair trial, a request promptly rejected by law enforcement authorities.

Community members were unanimous in the conclusion that the neighbourhood is heavily infested with criminals and something needs to be done,urgently. There was a prolonged applause when someone proposed. Mop justice is the best solution to this rife crime”.

Members agreed to resort to the so-called mob justice method of corporal punishment, which means taking the law into their own hands by using any objects that there come across to beat up suspected criminals, claiming that all other attempts have already failed.

Efforts to contact law enforcement authorities proved futile as they did not respond at the time of going to press

Thapelo Magola

Thapelo is a senior freelance journalist at Mapepeza. He is an experienced and qualified journalist, covering general news and sports stories in the Gauteng province.

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