Moiketsi Tladi represents COPE in Emfuleni Ward 6


Contesting on behalf of the Congress of the People party (COPE), Abram Moiketsi Tladi is the councillor candidate for Emfuleni ward 6.

Tladi has been elected chairperson of COPE Sedibeng Region since from 2018.

He is responsible for overseeing that the work of the party around Vaal is done and COPE is well known.


This is not the first time he is contesting in the municipal elections.His previous election campaign did not perform well due to the party’s internal struggles.

“By that time, Cope was coming from the internal battles that crippled our party and that led to people not trusting us anymore,” he explained.

The party’s election manifesto was launched on Heritage Day last month, which outlines the promises when they get into power.

Since then, Cope has been hard at work to restore their reputation and gather support ahead of November 1.

Tladi has been out and about with his members doing door-to-door visits, sharing T-shirts among other activities.

According to Tladi, the community of Emfuleni ward 6 need better representation in government. Many issues cripple this area. These include crime, inactive youth, lack of access to basic services etc.

Post the elections, he plans to hold meetings with the community consistently to hear their grievances and ideas.

“The people are the one to choose what they want. Remember, we are following the freedom charter as it says ‘the people shall govern’,” he said.

His three top priorities are to reduce crime, restructuring of infrastructure, and skill development for the unemployed.

Members of the Congress of the People in Emfuleni have also set up tents to bring the parrty’s manifesto close to the community

About Emfuleni Ward 6

With over 25 040 people living in this area, only 48.3% voters cast their ballots in the previous local government elections.

his ward covers parts of the Bophelong township in the Emfuleni municipality.  

The main issues in this ward is the high crime rate, access to infrastructure and community services, and, unemployment.

Current ward councillor: K.M Mahlase (ANC).

Emfuleni Ward 6. Source: Wazimaps


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