My Story, Ibali Lam launches soon


The movement is founded by Teboho Maduna And Sipho Motaung.

Speaking to Mapepeza on their upcoming launch taking place on Saturday, October 3 in Balfour, the co-founders highlighted on what guests can expect.

“Our aim to to bring back lost hope amongst young people in our communities. We want to connect them with people who have made it in life, so they too can lead a better life,” said Maduna.


Peer pressure and social ills continue to be a contributing factor to young people resorting to bad behavior, drug abuse and much more. So the pair have been using storytelling seminars to inspire these victims to consider their own paths and focus on their progress.

Ibali Lam is a Xhosa word meaning My Story.

“We invited these big people to share their stories so others can be inspired and see how they can make it as well. In the event, we will also find ways to connect speakers to guests and share their experiences with each other,” said Sipho Motaung.

Established in November last year, the movement began with ten members.

My Story, Ibali Lam has representatives across Mpumalanga in areas like Secunda and Standerton just to name a few. Going forward, the movement looks to reach people all over the country.

Inspired by his transformation from a destructive life and defeat, Maduna says the movement inspires him to help others who have been where he was.

“I was always getting into trouble as a young man. My family did not help me but told my I never become successful in life. Eventually I found someone outside my family who showed me that my life was not going in the right direction. They also shared stories of different people in my community that did not make it due to bad decisions and influences,” said Teboho.

Maduna eventually finished school and managed to get employment. He says taking the right decisions is based on what one wants in life.

Motaung lost his parents at a very tender age and grief followed him throughout his young life. Despite not having family to rely on, Sipho says the movement became his way of motivating others in a similar situation.

He says the way he grew up cannot define his future but he can use his story to inspire society.

“I lost my parents at a very young age. My brother and grandmother who were my only family also passed away. So I was left to figure this life thing on my own. I also became a victim to addiction, suicide and other bad habits, almost lost my life on many occasions. I was in a rehabilitation and society gave me a second chance.”

Motaung says many people can relate to his story and live despite the painful experiences. He says he healed when he realized that he cannot change the circumstances in his life as they are results.

“The drive that shows people that there is still life and all you have to do is make it nice for yourself,” he said.

Guests will be treated to a variety of speakers, ranging from local experts to famous faces.

The event will be held at the Balfour Lodge Guesthouse and starts at 6pm.

For more information, visit the My Story, Ibali Lam on Facebook or call Motaung Lawrence on 0724712812.


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