South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) says that it will no longer issue cards to new social grants applicants. All new social grant applicants are requested to come with a valid and active bank account when applying for a social grant.

SASSA cards will no longer be provided as an option for new applicants. Social grant applicants who do not have bank accounts will be referred to financial institutions for opening of private bank accounts at financial institutions.

Existing social grant beneficiaries will continue to use their SASSA cards and replacement of lost or stolen cards can be done through the Post Office.

Should any applicants wish to change their current form of payment they will have to bring the following documents when changing their method of payment:

  • Correctly completed, signed and stamped annexure C form obtainable at any SASSA office
  • Recently certified copy of ID
  • Copy of recent bank statement to confirm banking details

Gold SASSA card lasted for almost two years

SASSA introduced the gold cards as a way to encourage beneficiaries not to withdraw cash on the first day of payment.

Once the money was paid in the account, it will remain in the card for the next three months. The money will not be taken away if one chose to withdraw later in the month when queues have reduced.

SASSA completed the switch over to its new gold card in December 2018 and managed to swap over 7 million old cards for its new card.

The rest have filled in the bank transfer form and receive their grants directly through their private bank accounts.

Over 12 million beneficiaries receive social grants in South Africa.

Social grants payment can be collected at SAPO outlets (Post Offices), merchants (Shops).

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