Planned maintenance will not result in total water cut-offs


Residents in parts of Gauteng will be experiencing reduced levels of water when they open their faucets on Monday, November 15.

Rand Water has scheduled the planned shutdown of its B11 and B19 pipelines for two days until Wednesday.

Rand Water has confirmed that the scheduled maintenance will not result in total cut-offs.


This is a response to various reports in the media that some areas will experience a ‘shut-down’ in water supply during the two day maintenance.

“A planned tie-in is by no means a total cut-off of water supply. The term ‘shutdown’ is a technical phrase which has been used over the years to describe a section of the system that may/will be affected by maintenance. Therefore, the use of this phrase is industry norm and well accepted within the water sector. During this period, water will be flowing into the system although this will be in reduced quantities and pressure. Rand Water has issued a 21-days’ notice to the affected customers as some areas may experience water supply shortages,” explained Rand Water’s spokesperson, Justice Mohale.

The shutdown forms part of Rand Water’s B19 Pipeline Augmentation Project and is the final leg of this program that will increase the volumes of the B19 pipeline and therefore ensure sustainable supply of water to the consumers.

According to the water supplier, a notice was issued a month ago to all affected municipalities that maintenance will be conducted, resulting in reduced water supply.

The affected areas include: Roodepoort, Randburg,Langlagte/Southdale, Soweto, Sandton and the Johannesburg CBD.

On Monday, November 15, Water and Sanitation minister Senzo Mchunu will brief the media on this issue.


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