Police called to boost protection for students, teachers

The Heidelberg campus of the Sedibeng college TVET held Gender-based Violence (GBV) awareness campaign, where they conducted a peaceful march across central Heidelberg.

The campaign was held on Friday, April 22, with the objective of handing over a memorandum to the Heidelberg station commander, Colonel Phiwe Ndwandwe.

The group akso shared some of their experiences as victims of abuse and crime on campus and around town.

The Sedibeng College group explained and read the memorandum to the station commander, stating their grievances regarding GBV experienced by students and teachers.

They further asked for police visibility in and around the campus as well on the student hostels and accommodations.

Heidelberg police station commander Colonel Phiwe Ndwandwe (centre) and his officers listen to the Sedibeng College Heidelberg campus GBV awareness group handing over their memorandum.

“Col Ndwandwe accepted the memorandum and promised the student of the Sedibeng college that he will adhere to their plea and will deliver according assuring them if their safety and security,” explained police spokesperson Constable Doris Nkosi.

Heidelberg police also responded with advice or how to protect themselves from abuse and crime. Among these are:

• Break the cycle of violence, do not become a perpetrator
• Act against abuse
• Break the silence and speak up
• Do not look away when witnessing crimes
• Report any form of abuse or crime immediately.

They also received pamphlets with telephone numbers and important information for when victims of Gender-based Violence and trauma can use when in need.

“The students and teachers were told thag they can also apply for a Protection Order online and use my Saps-app to to report crime or live any tip-offs” Nkosi said.


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