SAFA suspends all football games in Mzansi!

The South African Football Association (SAFA) has responded to the Coronavirus national disaster declared by President Ramaphosa on Sunday (March 15) by calling for all football activities to be put on hold.

The President called for social distancing said therefore gatherings of more than 100 people will be prohibited.

“On behalf of the National Executive Committee, all members of SAFA are advised to suspend and/or postpone all football matches and football events that are attended by more 100 people in the country until further notice,” said the SAFA’s Acting CEO Guy Mokoena.

SAFA also will be in contact with the Health Authorities and keep reviewing the situation on an on-going basis.

“Members will be advised on a continuous basis accordingly. This is our effort to promote the health and safety of all our members including players, officials, sponsors and staff,” said the football authority.

In the executive meeting held by SAFA, measures such as playing matches in “empty” stadiums without spectators wer considered. But the body has noted that has not proven to be effective in minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus. In Europe, some players who were participating in matches “behind closed doors” have recently been found to be positive.

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