SASSA changes disability grant payment dates


Disability grants will no longer be paid on the same date as the older persons grant, starting from August 2020.

According to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), the Older Persons Grant will be paid from the 3rd August 2020 followed by Disability Grant on the 4th August 2020.

Old Age Grant beneficiaries receiving Child Support Grant and Foster Child Grant will also be able to access the linked children grants on the same day.

All other children’s grants will be paid from the 06th August 2020.

However, any grants linked to those accounts will be available on the same dates, the agency explained.  

Preventing over-crowding on pay days

This comes after SASSA announced the new payment dates earlier this year to prevent overcrowding at pay points as the country battles with COVID-19.  

“All the social grant access points, such as Post Offices and merchants, attract a high number of beneficiaries trying to access their money on the same day, which is a risk, especially to the aged and those with disabilities,” said SASSA.

SASSA said it was mostly concerned about the elderly, who are among the most vulnerable to the virus and often have to wait in long queues for their pension. 

“Beneficiaries should remember that they don’t have to withdraw their money on the first payment date but can withdraw it on any day after the payment date, as it will remain in the accounts until they withdraw it,” SASSA CEO, Totsie Memela, said. 

She said the process of staggering of grants, which started after the lockdown, will be monitored closely. 

Memela did not rule out further changes in the near future, as they try to observe government protocols of social distancing and washing of hands. 

Meanwhile, the agency is urging the public to work with government in ensuring that the spread of the virus is contained and for people to comply with the new payment dates. 

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