SASSA pays R350 grant via Post Office


The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) wishes to announce the commencement of payment of applicants with no bank accounts.

A total of 3 122 340 complete and valid applications were received by SASSA.

Of these, 237 939 were paid; a majority of which were bank accounts.

To date a total of 53 111 people were paid through the Post Office.

This to be followed by a further 1 033 810.

How beneficiaries will be contacted

Successful applicants who have been confirmed during the information verification stage and indicated that they do not have a bank account, can choose other forms of payment.

The approved beneficiaries received an SMS from SASSA advising them to collect their special COVID-19 grant at their nearest South African Post Office (SAPO) outlet.

Beneficiaries who took longer than five days to respond to the request of banking details will also be paid through the Post Office, this including those who have failed bank verification.

SASSA is requesting all approved applicants with banking details to respond to the request of banking details swiftly, to ensure that money is paid to the clients channel of option.

Other initiatives for other forms of payment will be communicated as soon as they are ready.

SASSA is requesting applicants who have not received feedback on their application to check their application status on , they should not attempt to apply again as this will clog the system and be detected as a duplicate application.

Clients who applied in May 2020 and were successful will be paid for six (6) months.

Dates of payment will be communicated to beneficiaries on a continuous basis after conducting information verification.

Only clients with payment confirmation SMS can report to their nearest Post Office.

SASSA wishes to appreciate the patience of applicants through this period that has enabled us to push beyond boundaries for a better life for all.

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