SASSA ready to pay grants in 2023

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is on track with arrangements to disburse the January 2023 social grants payments from Tuesday, January 3.

Older Persons Grant will be paid from the 03rd January 2023. Old Age Grant beneficiaries receiving Child Support Grant and Foster Care Grant will also be able to access the linked children grants on the same day.

They will be followed by people with disabilities on the 04th January 2023. All other grants will be paid from the 05th January 2023.

Clients are advised to always remember their pin and keep their cards safe to protect their grants. Never keep your pin and card in the same place.

In a statement on Thursday, December 29, the agency urged all beneficiaries to make use of the multiple ways available to access their funds. They include the use of retailers and ATMs.

“Social grant clients with the SASSA gold card can continue using the same card as it remains valid to use at any place that accepts bank card transactions. The card can also be used at outlets nationwide that provide the cashback functionality, which includes Shoprite, Checkers, U-save, Pick ‘n Pay and Boxer,” the agency explained.

SASSA also warned beneficiaries to remain vigilant of misleading information, criminals and scammers as the festive season draws to a close.

During grant payment days, there is a lot of transactions clients make to meet their various needs.

SASSA thus cautions clients to exercise care in accessing their social grants. This includes:

  • Avoiding carrying large amounts of cash, but instead use cards for purchases.
  • Check to ensure that they get their own card back after every purchase.
  • Giving preference to the frail, the elderly persons and people living with disability in queues.

“SASSA urges applicants for the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant of R350 to check and update, on the online platform, their banking details when required. SASSA will keenly monitor the January payments to stick to paying the right social grant, to the right person, at the right time and place – Njalo!” SASSA said.


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