Sassa warns public about fake card swap message

sassa card

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been receiving multiple queries from clients who received fake messages circulating on SMS and social media advising social grants recipients to swap their SASSA Gold cards.

Please note that the text messages and voice notes that are circulating on social media are fake and misleading and do not originate from SASSA.

The Agency is urging the public to refrain from circulating such information as it causes confusion and panic for beneficiaries unnecessarily.

“The SASSA Gold card is still working and valid and beneficiaries will continue receiving their grant as per payment dates unless they choose other alternative forms of receiving their grant payment such as opening of personal bank accounts,” said provincial spokesperson Nandi Mosia.

Beneficiaries are advised that should there be changes or developments regarding any SASSA-related matter, such will be communicated on SASSA credited platforms.

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