Story: Someone blew the whistle!

Mahlatsi’s mom from the yellow corner house blew the whistle at 3 a.m in the morning; whenever we hear the whistle, we know there is trouble in our little paradise.

I jumped out of bed in my ANC branded pajama-skipa and ran to Mahlatsi’s house where the residents of Jameson Park had already gathered in their political pajamas.

Mr Mahlangu was wearing his UDM (United Democratic Movement) skipa with holes on the stomach and Mrs Masego was in a COPE (Congress Of the People) skipa.

Regalia is the best sleep wear.

Mahlatsi was standing outside the door unlike us she was not in political pajamas, she was wearing pink pajamas, she has always been a girly girl from when we were growing up playing ama-tin in the dusty streets of Jameson Park.

Mr Nkosi asked her what was going on inside as we could hear dishes breaking, we couldn’t get in as the gate was still locked.

Then there were weird screams coming from the kitchen, two boys came back with a makhamisa and opened the gate.

When we asked Mahlatsi she said her mom was fighting a demon inside, apparently it showed up at midnight and slept with them but in the wee hours of the morning.

It pee’d on the bed and that’s when her mom realized she wasn’t only sleeping with her husband.

She jumped out of bed to fetch the salt from the kitchen to chase away the demon but it was too stubborn.

After hours of praying and more praying, the demon was still sleeping in their bed even though they couldn’t see it they claimed to have heard it breathing.

Mahlatsi suggested that they blow the whistle and ask the community to help them chase it out of the house and she blew the whistle but her mom insised on getting violent with the demon.

We opened the door to the house, we wanted to see the stubborn demon ourselves.

Mahlangu asked Mahlatsi’s dad why he reeked of urine, Mahlatsi’s dad then signaled to him to shut up but it was already late, I heard and saw that.

I screamed “na le idemoni!!! “, umphakathi (the community) responded in similar fashion: “mshisheni!!!”.

Kuyasha bizani ifire brigade.

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