Something you don’t know won’t kill you

oscar kubeka jok

In true sense stop digging things that doesn’t concern you and also don’t go through someone’s phone because information on it will kill you silently.

Something you don’t know won’t kill you. Respect is fundamental once you adopt it eventually it’ll mould you to respect without boundaries or certainty.

Respect is universal to all but others use power to enforce respect to certain class.

It’s wrong to apply respect in that manner. Always respect everyone.

Every tower shall stand even if there’s too much storm on the way to the top we shall sustain because we serve the leaving God.

I believe you can, I can.

Most people live life to impress others while inside they’re dying slowly before the actual death.

Now you can’t enjoy your salary and you’re in deep debts because you don’t want to live according to your means to impress yourself but people.

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