Suzuki Jimny labeled as a Mini-G wagon

For those who dream of owning the Mercedes G-wagon in future do not have to wait that long.

There is a new trend of J-wagon, baby G-wagon, mini-G wagon or Jimny wagon making the rounds on social media.

People are modifying their Suzuki Jimny with the G-wagon body kit of Mercedes. 

This trend has inspired many Jimny owners across the globe to create their own mini-G wagons.

Posts on social media of many sightings of the J wagons have the world laughing in admiration at the creativeness of human beings.

This also starts the debate of would you rather have the original or the fake? 

Debates of prices also have many re-thinking the decision of which option to go for.

The point is made that you will be spending money buying and modifying the J-wagon which will cost you just as simply getting the original.

Personal preference also a factor with a few females already finding the Jimny in standard form “cute” and even better in G-wagon form. 

Car enthusiasts find it disrespectful arguing how people can mock the magnificence of the legendary G-Wagon by replicating it.

There are several men who also support the statement as they generally don’t find the Jimny “cute” or many of the other qualities it’s called. 

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Below are a few comments of what people had to say on social media.

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