Swaggy RSA working his way to stardom

Luyolo Mahokwana, popularly known as Swaggy RSA, is making his name heard across the local music scene. The 23 year old from Doornkop in Snake Park, is a Hip-hop musician and entrepreneur.

“I started my music long time ago, I can’t recall the day but I remember that I was about 9 year old. I then started recording music around 2015,” Mahokwana explains how he started. 

Speaking to Mapepeza about his music journey, Swaggy RSA says that he has encountered many challenges as an upcoming artist especially being independent artist that must do everything solo.

Despite the setbacks and lack of resources, he is determined to make his music career a success. He draws his inspiration from people close to him and the artists he aspires to work with in the future.

“Coming from a disadvantaged background, my family really inspired and motivated me a lot to work as hard as I can to change my home situation. Musically, I’m inspired by many talented artist such as Emtee, Flashikumkani, Haem-o,Lil Durk, Meek Mill and many more,” he explained.

Recently, Swaggy RSA has released a single featuring well known rapper Flashikumkani, called Ispani. The song has a music video and is available on YouTube and other music streaming sites. 

Music video of Ispani by Swaggy RSA featuring Flashikumkani on YouTube

“Ispani is a song that was created to inspire everybody from  a poor background to never loose hope but keep on working hard no matter what because where you come from does not dertemine where you are going,” he said.

A new song titled Kusile (featuring Haem-o) is on the cards, produced by KnifeBeats, is set to get SwaggyRSA on the ears of many hip-hop lovers.

For more content and updates from SwaggyRSA, find him on Facebook: Swaggy_rsa/ Luyolo Mahokwana, Twitter @swaggy_rsa and Instagram @swaggy_rsa01. His music is  available on major digital music platforms such as Audiomack, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, simply search SwaggyRSA.

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